Services: Operations & Performance Improvement

Operations Diagnostic Reviews

Sawgrass Partners' Operations Diagnostic Review is a highlevel evaluation that allows us to efficiently assess the current state of your operations. We focus on five key indicators of overall operational success:

1. Product Review – We will tour your campus and interview management team members, as appropriate, to gain an understanding of services and amenities offered, as well as a general overview of the physical plant.

2. Service Line Revenue Opportunities – We will review revenue patterns for each service line, as well as local area hospital discharge statistics (as applicable), in order to identify hospital market share and rehab specialty opportunities.

3. Resident and Family Satisfaction – We will review your most recent resident and family satisfaction survey results to assess how your customers perceive your services and identify areas for improvement.

4. Labor and Departmental Expense Benchmarking – We will compare your organization's labor and departmental expense benchmarks to industry best practices.

5. "Mission Metrics" Report Card – Utilizing our unique Mission Metrics System, we will review and analyze your organization's key "mission" metrics, which allows us to provide a high-level assessment of the impact of the organization's culture on its current operations.

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