Services: Market Research (continued)

Market Assessments
Comprehensive market assessments provide a basis for determining market needs and opportunities:

  • Identify your primary market area
  • Review the market area’s demographics and economic indicators
  • Gain an in-depth understanding of your competition
  • Calculate market penetration rates
  • Determine market demand for independent living, assisted living,
    memory care and nursing care
  • Identify opportunities for growth

Direct Consumer Research
Surveys and focus groups capture consumer preferences related to new
or expanded services:

  • Identify primary, secondary and tertiary markets
  • Create and implement project specific direct mail surveys
  • Facilitate and conduct focus group sessions
  • Provide summary of findings based on surveys and focus groups
  • Develop lead lists based on consumer responses to information requests

Apples to Apples Pricing Analysis
Apples to Apples compares a community's pricing to that of its competitors' on an "apples-to-apples" basis.

    Teresa Black
  • How your pricing compares by unit size/type to your competition?
  • What is the “lifetime cost” of stay for a resident as compared to competitive communities based on the actual services/benefits offered?
  • Do you compare favorably and are you able to create a selling advantage? 
  • How can this Apples to Apples analysis help educate consumers and staff about the real value of lifetime costs in YOUR community?

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