Services: Financial Planning & Advisory (continued)

Financial Forecasting and Projections

  • Debt capacity analysis
  • Determine financial impact of strategic initiatives
  • Multiple-year financial projections including detailed assumptions and financial statements
  • Utilized to determine financial feasibility of:
    - introducing new programs or services
    - eliminating existing programs
    - implementing operational changes
    - expanding or developing new campuses

Project Planner

  • Uses key project assumption to conduct a high-level analysis of project "feasibility"
  • Calculates key financial ratios in first year of stabilized occupancy
  • Allows alternative project concepts to be analyzed on a "real-time" basis

Apples to Apples Pricing AnalysisKevin Meehan
Apples to Apples compares a community's pricing to that of its competitors; on an "apples-to-apples" basis.

  • How your pricing compares by unit size/type to your competition?
  • What is the “lifetime cost” of stay for a resident as compared to competitive communities based on the actual services/benefits offered?
  • Do you compare favorably and are you able to create a selling advantage? 
  • How can this Apples to Apples analysis help educate consumers and staff about the real value of lifetime costs in YOUR community?

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